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Welcome to Elevation Thermography

A place for preventative monitoring of breast health. Are you looking to live a preventative lifestyle? Gone are the days of waiting to become sick, following the conventional path, and not knowing what steps to take to protect your overall health. Thermography is a SAFE, NON-INVASIVE alternative to traditional breast screenings. Are you interested in learning more about what a thermography scan can see and how it works? You are in the right place!


What is thermography?

No Radiation
Early Detection

Breast thermography is an exciting addition to breast imaging technology that was approved by the FDA in 1982. Thermography is an imaging tool using an infrared camera that records the thermal patterns of your body. These thermal images are used to help identify potential stress and inflammation in the body.

If left unchecked, inflammation will continue to grow until it manifests as a physical symptom such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases. Since thermography is specifically designed to see inflammation in the body, a breast or full-body scan is an excellent screening tool for monitoring breast health. 


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