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Our goal is for each person that comes into our office to feel comfortable, at ease, and know they are in expert hands. Check out these testimonies that show this to be true!

I LOVE this place! My experience at Elevation Thermography was amazing. When I went to my appointment I had a sense of dread (mainly because I didn't know what to expect), but Tiffany made me feel so comfortable and was very knowledgeable. By the time I left, I felt glad that I chose this place. To anyone thinking or needing this done I highly recommend them!
- Whitney L.
Complete best experience I've ever had! The photos Tiffany took of my boobs were a necessity that I needed for my own health optimization and she was a completely awesome chick to hang out with in the meantime...this is a situation where you might feel completely uncomfortable because you're totally topless...ha! Yet, you can laugh, enjoy your experience, crack jokes, and make it through with a smile! I am very excited and I would recommend Elevation Thermography to anyone who would need or want an alternative to a breast squishing mammogram...
- CheiAnne T.
This was my first time having thermography done and the experience was so easy and very informative. Before walking in, I was a tad nervous, but after entering it quickly melted away. They have created such a calming environment. Tiffany did my scans and I could have seriously talked to her all day. She listened to all I had to say and gave me such great feedback. I could keep going on how great they are, but call yourself and you'll see what I mean. Customer service is everything these days. Very happy to have found this place. Highly recommend!
- Amber A.
My experience at Elevation Thermography was wonderful. Tiffany is such a joy to talk to. She made me feel at ease during my scan and we chatted about all of our common interests which left me feeling like I made a new lifelong friend. The facility is beautiful and clean and I would highly recommend anyone looking for thermography or chiropractic to chose this practice! It's a 5 star rating for me!
- Alice C.
I would give this place 10 stars if I could! Tiffany has a gift for making you feel like you are her next best friend. I was standing nude from the waist up (in a private room) for the Thermography scan and she somehow made it all feel like we were just chatting over coffee. Never once did I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable which is pretty amazing considering the circumstances. I highly recommend this place.
- Katie H.
Love this place! Love the decor. Love the overall vibe. Calming, relaxing, welcoming, peaceful. From the minute you walk in, the aroma therapy that is going, to the friendly staff…it’s very welcoming. I had a thermo scan done and Tiffany was so kind. She makes you feel so comfortable.. I highly recommend them!!
- Amanda B.
My experience at Elevation Thermography was an amazing one. I have never felt so comfortable and welcomed at an appointment. The environment is warm and feels like a comfy home. Tiffany was very knowledgeable and I could see how passionate she was about thermography and my scan. I highly recommend this process and this business!
- Dawn G.

I had THE BEST experience with Elevation Thermography. I wanted an alternative approach to checking in on my body and this checked ALL OF THE BOXES. Tiffany made me feel so comfortable the entire time and answered ALL of my questions about thermography. Dr. Chris was so helpful in talking through the results with me. I learned way more about my body then I thought I would! I highly recommend Elevation Thermography to anyone interested! This scan is the best investment in your health. So glad I did it!

- Chelsea D.

First time here and could not have asked for a better experience! Tiffany is a down to earth, caring and kind person who made me feel comfortable and welcomed! We have so much in common and honestly, I felt like I walked away with a new friend! This place is a blessing to women! So thankful I found it and found them! Great people with a great service!
- Priscilla V.
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