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What We Offer

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Thermography scans are done by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Patients are asked to download the appropriate and full new patient paperwork with preparation instructions and read it prior to their appointment. On the day of the appointment, all forms must be completed with a medical history and other pertinent information. When entering the office, you will find it very cool inside. This is for your body to acclimate down to a cooler temperature. The screening test takes place in a relaxed, peaceful, and private room. You will disrobe and be given an exam cape. The technician will enter the room after 10 minutes to take the images. Female technicians will take images of all women and our male doctor will take images of all men. Images will be sent electronically and interpreted by a medical doctor who specializes in thermography. The test results will be available within 3 to 5 business days. The results will be discussed with the patient via follow-up appointment, or phone consultation.


Breast Scan


The breast only option includes 9 images of the breast and going over report findings with our Doctor.

Women's Health Study


The women's health study option includes 19 images from waist up, including the head and going over report findings with our Doctor.

Full Body


The full body option includes 37 images of the entire body, including extremities, and going over report findings with our Doctor.

*We accept HSA and FSA

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